The next time someone tries to tell you that you are being too much, calmly look them in the eyes and let them know, that it is not that you are too much, it is that they are not enough.

This is not a bad thing. Everyone has different skills and levels that they are able to connect and be with another person. Not everyone exists on the same frequency. But another person’s inability (in whatever form, maybe they can’t, maybe they don’t want to, etc) is not indicative of anything wrong with you.

So maybe that person you thought would always be there has reached their limit…that’s ok! Move on. You are not too much, you are just enough for someone else.

There is no cutoff for how many times a person “deals” with you and gets a pass card.

The right people are always there, day and night, light or dark, no matter what or when you call on them. Sometimes, there are even special people who already always know.

This is how you recover. This is how you get better. You work on yourself and you have a support system that constantly evolves to always be there for you.

This is not an unrealistic goal. You are not meant to be alone.

Find the ones who surround you with love always and learn to let people go who have reached their limit. This is how you keep love always and prevent it from turning bitter when you start to lash out and feel upset that your other can no longer keep up.

Love and move forward in love.

You are not too much. Why, you have barely reached your potential. But if you stay with those that convince you that you are, how will you ever grow? You won’t. When you think you are too much, instead of growing, you will end up shrinking yourself. Trying to diminish and disappear. That is the opposite of what you are meant to do in this world.

If you continue to let others hold back your growth, you eventually cease to stop growing. You’ll never forget what it feels like to grow but you will be unable. And you will always be unsatisfied.

– Unknown

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